Your Trusted Business Partner It’s important to you.
That’s why you trust it with us.

Our team really makes the difference.

“Here's the best thing I can say about working with Purolator. After a while, there was such a level of trust that we'd just leave them a key! This helped – because we didn't always have staff at the store. And there's never been a single issue. Thank you Purolator!”
Michael from Ontario

“On a cold, rainy Vancouver day, the Purolator driver delivered our wedding ring. And though the weather was rotten, he brought a ray of sunshine. I will forever remember his smiling and happy face – which was such a good omen. Bravo – and thank you to the good people of Purolator!”
Justin from BC

“The Purolator driver recognized the delivery would be something we'd require in the warehouse, not the office, and took it upon himself to bring it back to us. It showed me that he understands our business. I appreciated it so much that he went above and beyond with the delivery. Purolator is a vauable partner to my business.” Shawn from Alberta

The Journey of a Package

Your customers rely on you to deliver.
You can expect the same from us.

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Wherever your business goes, we go.

For over 50 years, Purolator has been connecting Canadian businesses to the world.

The strength of our network, combined with multiple shipping partners, ensures you receive flexible shipping solutions with a greater worldwide reach.

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All across the country, we’re helping businesses succeed.

K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics

Skateboarding & Carpentry

Creating Sustainable Honey

1. Offer for a fixed discount up to 40 % is available for a limited time only to customers that qualify to create a new Purolator business account and for certain shipments only within Canada. Calculated on Purolator’s published list rates, available at and cannot be combined with other discounts.

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