Automotive supplies delivered

Whether it’s speed, flexibility, compliance or special handling, we work with businesses of all kinds—from manufacturers and retailers, to repair shops and car mechanics—to overcome the challenges of automotive logistics.

We go the distance so you can deliver on your promises

As your dedicated shipping partner, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of automotive shipping regulations, including cross-border compliance, bypassing the 500 kg Exemption, sustainable shipping options and customizable cargo loading—truckload (TL) or less-than-truckload (LTL).

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Enjoy more flexibility by choosing from the largest selection of guaranteed, time-definite express shipping options.

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We’re proud to say that all our trucks are Level 1 Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certified by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA).

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We deliver to 100% of all Canadian postal codes, so you can be confident your package will make it to its destination.

Shipping every part under the hood and beyond

Partnering with the right shipping provider can make the difference between on-time deliveries, customs clearance, properly packaged automotive parts and affordable shipping options. Choose the services that matter most to create a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Cross-border shipping

Our cross-border experts can help guide you through the complexities of shipping between Canada and the U.S., and internationally.

500 kg Exemption

We are the only courier in Canada that offers the 500 kg Exemption, which is necessary when shipping heavy parts like engines and wheels, as well as electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Special Handling Service (SHS)

Transporting heavy, fragile or awkwardly shaped automotive parts requires extra care. Our SHS provides the attention and expertise you need to ensure your goods arrive free of damage.

Dangerous Goods (DG)

There are strict rules and regulations to follow when shipping hazardous parts like airbags and EV batteries. Our team of experts are trained to ensure your dangerous goods are properly packaged, labelled and documented for safe and compliant transport.

Environmental Sustainability

We have ambitious plans to be Canada’s greenest courier, and we’re continually innovating to bring you the cleanest and greenest logistics solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reverse Logistics

We help businesses offer flexible and seamless returns to their customers by offering sustainable, integrated reverse logistics solutions.

We helped Techtronic Industries Inc. (TTI) cut cross-border shipping times by 66%

“I feel Purolator is a true partner for TTI. A partnership is a term thrown around all the time and oftentimes is meaningless. With Purolator, I’ve always felt as though they truly had our best interests in mind, and strive to provide a cost-effective solution that very much helps us achieve what we are trying to achieve.”

— Craig Baxter, President, TTI Canada

Partner with a trusted shipping provider

Trust is important when it comes to shipping. Purolator is proud to celebrate over 60 years of delivering its customers’ promises. Trust in us to deliver your automotive goods with the care and attention your customers deserve.

Our automotive shipping experts are here to answer your auto parts and supplies shipping questions and help you build a solution that helps your business grow.

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*Certain terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply (including point of origin and destination guarantee restrictions and money-back guarantee restrictions). In most cases, end of day means 6 PM. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for full details. To select Canadian and U.S. destinations, delivery will be on the day specified by Purolator.

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