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From ultrasound devices to blood glucose monitors, you can trust that your medical devices will arrive where and when they are needed. From coast to coast in Canada, Purolator offers a wide range of time-definite* shipping solutions to meet your healthcare needs.

When every second counts, trust in Purolator

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From initial pickup in the U.S. to skillful maneuvering across the border into our extensive delivery network, your shipments are managed with minimal handoffs, streamlining transit times and ensuring the highest degree of package integrity.

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Purolator Express® Next Day guaranteed service includes early morning delivery options to ensure your packages arrive on time, crucial for on- demand surgery and hospitals in urgent need of supplies.

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With SMS and mobile pre-alert notifications, you can track your shipment locations every step of the way and ensure the integrity of your medical supplies.

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We deliver to 100% of postal codes across Canada, so you can rest assured that your medical shipments will reach their destination anywhere, anytime, every time.

Premium and Flexible Delivery Solutions for Cross-Border Healthcare Shipments

Discover what Purolator has to offer as your healthcare logistics partner.

Mission Critical services
Expedite urgent medical supplies and rest assured that your delivery will reach its destination anywhere, anytime, every time.

Inside deliveries
With a customized solution, we can transport equipment right to the hospital wing to ensure fast, efficient delivery.

Adult Signature Requirement (ASR)
To ensure the responsible delivery of your package, we’ll obtain an adult’s signature upon arrival if required.

Regulatory compliance expertise
With a strong understanding of regulatory compliance regulations, we can ensure your biological and medical devices shipments seamlessly ship across the border.

Special handling
For items that don’t conform to regular package specifications, we provide the same thorough care and secure transportation.

Return services
Optimize your supply chain with a high degree of flexibility for cost efficiency that includes reverse logistics strategy to keep your medical supplies moving.

How Switch Health delivered 1 million test kits across Canada

Switch Switch Health used Purolator’s Mission Critical services and our extensive standard shipping network to deliver at-home COVID-19 test kits to 100% of their patients across Canada, including remote communities.

“Purolator was able to instill confidence that it had logistics insights that no other multinational company would have. Those almost esoteric insights about the local Canadian market made Purolator an obvious choice for us to take on board.”

Marc Thomson, Switch Health Co-founder

Discover the right shipping solution for your needs

Share your healthcare shipping challenges and learn how flexible, custom designed routing can provide more reliable and comprehensive solutions when shipping healthcare products into Canada.

Tell us about your shipping challenges so we can help you find the best supply chain solutions that cater to your business or practice.

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*Certain terms, conditions and geographic restrictions apply (including point of origin and destination guarantee restrictions and money-back guarantee restrictions). In most cases, end of day means 6 p.m. See Purolator Terms and Conditions of Service for full details. To select Canadian and U.S. destinations, delivery will be on the day specified by Purolator.

1 Source: Purolator Service Directory

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